How your company performs in tax matters will allow either beneficial operational development within your company or the taking of dividends.

Prevention, anticipation and tax… rescues !

ANDRÉ & ASSOCIÉS and its tax department provide you with the skills you need for your professional and personal projects, nationally and internationally.


What’s the purpose of a tax service?

• Monitoring the day-to-day operations of the company and its manager
• Assisting the company during a tax audit or dispute
• Anticipating the many legislative and regulatory developments
• Advising & accompanying the manager on exceptional operations

The + of Fogex /André le Groupe

Our tax department demonstrates mastery in the delicate accompaniment of companies and family groups, particularly with the resolution of transmission problems.

The firm's tax department meets all the needs of your company and its managers.


Examples of tax assignments

• Mergers, acquisitions and transmissions
• Tax declarations for companies, professionals and individuals (CGT, NWT ...)
• Assistance with tax audits
• Interventions with tax authorities and courts
• Tax credits
• Tax optimization of C-suite executives
• Tax integration...




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