Retail & Consumer

Your work life and your personal life are directly related to your business.
That's why we support you in all your projects by taking into account all the factors in your environment.


The Knowledge of your problems

We know your current and future issues because we have already encountered and solved most of them in the past for previous customers :

  • Leader or manager isolation
  • Volatility of raw material costs
  • Amortization of premises and equipment
  • Staff management
  • Retirement / Contingency planning
  • Ongoing legislative developments
  • Profitability of the product or service ranges
  • Changing consumption patterns
  • Logistical streamlining
  • Cumbersome administrative processes
  • Payment defaults
  • Loss of steam in your market
  • The transmission of your business...

Since 1946, craftsmen and traders who have placed their trust in us have evolved more serenely in their respective markets.


A recognized expertise

The firm Andre & Associates is a leading player in its market and has positioned itself as a true partner. More than a chartered accountant, we operate as your first point of support and are fully engaged in your professional and personal projects.

Our teams of specialists enable us to fully respond to your requirements on the following matters: accounting, social, fiscal, legal, IT, marketing, succession planning and statutory auditing.

Our priority is to promote a human-sized structure where teamwork adapts to our customers’ specific needs, whether they be one-time or ongoing.

We rely on your satisfaction!


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