Our Values


For the firm Fogex /André le Groupe, each customer is unique. That's why we treat each dossier as thoroughly as possible. Since 40 years, it is your satisfaction that drives and motivates us. We are and will always remain your primary partner.


For the success of your projects, experience and knowledge of the terrain are essential. Since the founding of the Fogex /André le Groupe, we have been able to accumulate and leverage our experience to advise and assist you.


The constant optimization of our working methods allows us to perfect ourselves for the benefit of our customers. Through our 8 services, we propose a complete offer tailored to your every need.


Knowledge of recent developments and staying informed of ever-changing conditions is an absolute necessity of our businesses. Thus, every year, our firm invests heavily in training its teams and in new IT solutions.


We focus on your project, on your professional and personal goals, your motivation, your market and more generally all stakeholders of your company.


Our employees possess genuine expertise in their respective fields as well as a solid knowledge in your business.

Our offers are betting on the synergy of the services of the Fogex /André le Groupe to bring you complete satisfaction in a timely manner.



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