Employee savings


• Have you ever imagined how to effectively motivate your employees ?
• Do you know that it is fiscally and socially beneficial to set up a PEE or a company savings plan in your company ?
• Are you aware of the effectiveness of employee savings schemes compared to wages ?
• Do you know that the CEO can also benefit from this savings system ?
• Do you know that your company can help you prepare for retirement ?
• Do you know that these savings schemes are very flexible, changeable over time and adaptable to the context of each company ?

Our solution

A good line of questioning is the basis of any solution.
Our solution is divided into several stages :

1. Defining your goals
2. Presentation of existing employee savings schemes
3. Comprehensive advice on fund and investment management
4. Presentation of social and tax benefits for the company, the manager and the employee
5. The selection and roll-out of the most suitable product

The benefits of Fogex/André le Groupe 

With our EMPLOYEE SAVINGS assistance, we help you make the right decisions to motivate and stabilize your payroll while making your company benefit from several exemptions and deductions.

Our specialists will advise and guide you, saving you time, ensuring you have the most accurate information in your possession. You’ll just have to choose the formula that suits you.





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