Drafting Procedural Rules and Policies


• Do you know that starting from 20 employees, it is obligatory to have procedural rules and Policies ?
• Do you know that the lack of procedural rules prevents you from exercising your disciplinary power ?
• Do you not feel the need to define rules for the use of materials related to new information and communication technologies ?
• Have you set limits on the use of computer equipment ?
• Is the wearing of safety equipment respected ?
• Do you know how to react to an intoxicated employee or under the influence of narcotics ?
• Do you know what sanctions apply in case of non-compliance with health and safety rules, unjustified absence or disrespect of others ?

Our solution

A good line of questioning is the basis of any solution.
Our solution is divided into several stages :

1. A comprehensive analysis of your needs
2. Establishing a project of appropriate rules of procedure
3. Follow-up of the implementation procedure (consultation of the staff representatives)
4. Obligatory posting and submission of documents

The benefits of Fogex /André le Groupe 

With our DRAFTING PROCEDURAL RULES AND POLICIES assistance, you can rely on a regulation that meets your expectations, you benefit from a social management tool as well as the framing of labor relations in the interest of your company. You do not waste time in the design of the texts and you are in compliance with labor laws.






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