Design Your Digital Strategy


  • Do you think your digital presence can be optimized ?
  • Do you know that social networks could be of great help to you ?
  • Do you know that 81% of French companies that went bankrupt in 2013 were not present on the Internet ?
  • Do you have time to devote to the implementation of a digital strategy ?
  • Do you have the in-house skills to create and implement this strategy ?
  • Do you really know the web, its tools, its dangers and risks ?
  • What would happen if your strategy was inadequate or incomplete ?
  • Would you lose only turnover or your notoriety too ?


Our solution

A good line of questioning is the basis of any solution.
Our solution is divided into several stages :

• An appointment to discover your expectations with our specialist
• A complete analysis of your digital presence
• The consideration of a global digital strategy
• Establishing a communication plan
• Submission of a full report and a debriefing appointment

The benefits of Fogex /André le Groupe 

With our DESIGN YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY assistance, a specialist looks at your current digital footprint and analyzes it to deliver a complete web communication strategy.

In addition, you save time by outsourcing the study and consideration of your web strategy. You opt for a turnkey solution with the possibility of our assistance for certain actions if need be.





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