Company / Entity Creation


• Do you know the benefits of creating a commercial company ?
• Have you assessed all the risks and benefits of the legal status you want to choose ?
• Is the tax system you are considering in line with your personal and professional goals ?
• Are you familiar with the legal and tax aspects of starting a business ?
• Do you have enough time to manage the administrative burden of a business creation ?
• Shouldn’t you be focusing your attention on your business and/or strategy of your business ?

Our solution

A good line of questioning is the basis of any solution.
Our solution is divided into several stages :

1. An appointment to analyze your needs and your economic plan
2. The choice of the most appropriate legal status and capital requirements
3. Tax and legal advice
4. The drafting of the statutes
5. The publication of your legal announcement
6. The management of printed matter (TNS, tax options ...)
7. Collecting documents and submitting files to the CCI or CMA
8. The submission of a complete report containing all original documents
9. The opening of the register of the general assembly


The benefits of Fogex /André le Groupe

We advise you legally and fiscally on your business strategy and personal strategy. In addition, we manage all the administrative and legal burden of setting up a business so you don’t have to.

Your tax system is optimized, your property is protected and you are free from time-consuming administrative constraints.

Finally, you benefit from the advice of a dedicated Chartered Accountant and of our legal department.






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