• Do you have the skills and ability to do your own accounting ?
• Do you know the risks involved in approximate accounting ?
• Have you ever been monitored by the URSSAF? What was the cost in terms of disorganization and punishment ?
• Do you think it is dangerous to base your business strategy on an approximate accounting ?
• What would be the consequences ?
• Do you have the means and enough work for an accounting department of one or more people within your company ?
• Do you declare these mandatory items (IS, CET, VAT, TVS, DAS2 ...) always on time ?

Our solution

A good line of questioning is the basis of any solution. 
Our solution is divided into several stages :

1. Maintaining your accounting, various newspapers, amortization tables ...
2. Reporting based on your company's form and tax options
3. Revision and regulation at the end of the financial year
4. Determination of the final result
5. The production of a summary document representing your annual accounts

The benefits of André & Associés 

With our BOOK-KEEPING assistance, you give your employees time, your accounts are kept by qualified professionals and your mandatory declarations are accurate and always ready on time.

In addition, at the end of the financial year we provide you with a book representing your annual accounts and can provide you with an analysis of your accounts.






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