Bank Support


• Are you struggling to finance your project ?
• What are the reasons your banker is not supporting you ?
• Is the profitability of your project a sure thing ?
• Do you have the right tools, the right language and codes to properly present your project ?
• Do you think you have made the right financing choice ?



Our solution

A good line of questioning is the basis of any solution.
Our solution is divided into several stages :
1. A customized appointment to define the boundaries of your project
2. A diagnosis of actual cash requirements
3. A financing plan
4. Follow-up on the progress of your project
5. An interlocutor who knows your project, your job and the market
6. Our firm’s reputation and on-site support during your appointment with your banker

The advantages of André & Associés 

With the “ACCOMPAGNEMENT BANCAIRE” program, your Chartered Accountant accompanies you from the birth of your project right up to the negotiation with your financier.

This allows you to raise the funds necessary to carry out your project, to make sure you start on a solid foundation, to avoid any financial mistakes, to reassure your banker and to lose a minimum of time in the administrative procedures.





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