Assistance with staff elections


  • Do you know your obligations when you cross the threshold of 11 or 50 employees ?
  • Do you know how to set up your staff representatives, works council and / or the CHSCT in your company? Do you know what risks do you encounter if you fail to comply ?
  • Do you know that the lack of staff elections prevents you from setting up employee savings plans? Do you know that failure to respect the election of staff can lead to the irregularity of certain dismissal procedures ?
  • Do you know what “illegal interference” is ?
  • What would happen if your election of staff representatives did not follow proper procedure ?



Our solution

A good line of questioning is the basis of any solution.
Our solution is divided into several stages :

1. Analyzing your workforce
2. Establishment of a procedural timeline respecting the mandatory deadlines
3. Drafting of mandatory documents: convening of trade unions, memoranda, electoral lists, enrollment sheets, preparation of minutes, ballot papers, etc.
4. The execution of declarative operations with the management
5. Compulsory display and filing duties

The benefits of Fogex /André le Groupe

With our ASSISTANCE WITH STAFF ELECTIONS help, you are assured of being in compliance with your legal obligations regarding the representation of the personnel and of being able to benefit from social and tax exemptions linked to employee savings plans.

Finally, you free yourself from a very time-consuming constraint.






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