It is necessary today as a leader, that you can count on the skills and the know-how of your Certified Accountant during key moments like construction projects, and/or vehicle and equipment acquisitions...

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Fogex /André le Groupe AS will accompany you and advise you in your management so that you can get the best benefits from each situation.


What’s the purpose of advisory services?

• To find grants, subsidies and funding and help you get them
• To advise how the company and C-suite staff might progress in their environment
• To profit from a network and contacts of a strongly established and recognized firm since 1946
• To protecting the company, its employees, its leader and family

The + of Fogex /André le Groupe

Beyond the advice provided by the firm, it is our sustainable support that strengthens you in your business and your management.

We have already developed several offers in various sectors and we support companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity.


Examples of advisory missions

• Consulting in management and organization
• Development consulting
• Search for grants and subsidies
• Executive remuneration, retirement and pension solutions
• Dashboards
• Business audit and evaluation
• Building construction
• Acquisition of equipment, vehicles
• Asset transmission ...


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