Accounting is the core of our business, and therefore the basis of our relationship. It translates all the economic operations of your company.

Order, rigor, good timing ... and a touch of style!

Annually, we take a snapshot of these operations in order to have a sincere and faithful rendering of the reality of your activities. This snapshot corresponds to your income statement and balance sheet. These accounting documents form the basis of the management of your company.

Whatever the legal form of your structure, your company must meet certain accounting obligations because the law and your economic environment impose rigor, transparency and security.

Fogex /André le Groupe accountants are at your side to reassure you and support you in your strategic choices.


What’s the purpose of an accounting service?

• To establish your balance sheet, to know the state of the assets of your company
• To establishing your profit and loss account, reflecting your economic activity
• To accurately determine your tax bracket
• To comply with government controls

The + of Fogex /André le Groupe

Chartered accounting has been our core business since 40 years.

We have always supported our customers in the various phases of their business.


Examples of accounting missions

• Bookkeeping or auditing
• Tax returns
• Economic or financial analysis
• Accounting certifications or annual account examinations
• Business appraisals
• Establishment of an intermediate situation ...



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